Monday, 18 September 2017

Village preachin

Great week but full of a bunch of little miracles that aren't that interesting to write about tbh...

 On Saturday though we went to the house of one of our friends who we've been teaching for awhile, Marina, out in a little village not too far away and they fed us soup and we got to meet her mom and grandma and great grandma and her uncle! And we taught the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. It was really good and spiritual and it was really nice because it's honestly been a while since I have been able to recite the first vision and I love doing that and the Spirit witnessed to me again that it was true!  I could feel the Spirit so strong when I told the story and  I really hope they felt it too! The mom seemed super interested  and so did the uncle, so I thought, until  we asked them if they would read and pray about the Book of Mormon and he told us that it was the same book as the bible  (??) haha so we were like noo.. but Marina's mom even showed him that it wasn't which was cool!

Anyway sorry not much this week but I've been blessed with so many moments this week where I get another witness that this is the truth. This is God's work. And it's super cool. I love being a missionary:) Also I've been reading the April conference Liahona (aka Ensign ) ever since we've got it and it's been my goal to read all the talks in it before October Conference and I'm almost done! I'm SO excited for next conference!!

Talk to you next week, have a good one!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers XD

So not much happened this week.  Except.... I GOT A PEPPER PLANT:)

Yup. Hot peppers! I love spicy food and they don't have many in Ukraine but one day this week I wanted to buy this hot pepper plant we saw on the street , so I did! but then we decided that we could use it to contact people. So the next day we went into a nearby market holding my pepper plant and walked around and asked some people if they knew where we could find a pot to put it in. Well we actually found one pretty quick but then walking back, a lady passing by asked me how much it was. Well we stopped and talked with her and she was super nice and we ended up talking for about a half an hour. So now we have a friend named Galina who hopefully plans to come to church next sunday! We call it pepper-plant contacting and we tried it again and didn't work as well but maybe it was just meant for us to find Galina. :))) lol 

Also I almost died one day when eating a shwarma!! ( like a delicious middle eastern burrito ) but luckily I have someone looking out for me! So basically we bought a shwarma and brought it home and I actually waited til we got home to eat it (which i don't usually do ) and then it fell apart and all over my plate! so ate it with a fork and then as I'm finishing what fell out , I find a WASP!! With it's stinger still on it!! AH!! Man I'm seriously so grateful that I didn't eat it... be careful when you buy shwarma off the street y'all.

Have a good week y'all!

Cectpa Horne

Monday, 4 September 2017

Left Bank. Best Bank.

It is good to be back writing on a computer at the branch (instead of the stress of the timer of a internet cafe computer) writing to y'all :) It's also good to be back serving on the Left Bank and in this branch! Not all of them.. but most of the members remembered me and it was good to see them again. We got to visit a few of them this week already and they're all super great.

 It's my first time ever serving in just one branch! It's pretty weird. We're definitely not as crazy busy as before but we still have a lot of work to do. This week we were mostly trying to figure things out together etc. but it was a good week. We even saw some miracles and we have an investigator on date to be baptized!!

Btw Sister Busath is awesome! Super cool, we have lots in common and I'm excited to have this transfer serving together!

So Saturday night was pretty cool. I'd say we had kind of a last floor, last door experience  (talk by Elder Ucthdorf ) except tracting (going door to door) is not very effective here. We weren't doing that but we were going to visit members on our list and drop off cookies and get to know them. Well the day was kinda long, it took forever to make these cookies for some reason and I accidentally burnt some of them and then a lot of people weren't home or wouldn't let us in but we did give out two of our three bags of cookies and it was cool cause at the house we planned to stop by we met a nice guy who used to come to our English practice. But then we still had one bag we wanted to give to someone so we looked to see if anyone had a birthday recently and we found this one guy who we didn't know but he lived close and so we decided to see if we could give them to him. Well it seemed like he wasn't home and a babushka (grandma) sitting on the bench beside the apartment tried to help us find who we were looking for and she asked the lady who just came up to the door if she knew him. Turned out he was her son! And she was wanting to talk to us and to visit them! Blessings:) God is directing His work my friends.

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Galina (different one than last time) and she said that she's decided she for sure wants to be baptized! So happy for her:) 

Also guess what?! I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday!!! WOOHOO! Second time all the way through and best time! I flipping LOVE this Book and I know that it is the word of God. I have gotten so much closer to my Savior this year by studying it everyday and I invite all of you to do it to cause seriously you'll be amazed at how much it will bless your life! :)

LOVE you

Cectpa Horne

Ps sorry no pics, I forgot my camera :( but next week!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Leaving the Spice:'( Awesome last week together!

MAN it has probably been one of the best and longest weeks ever!! So many things have happened  this week, last Monday seems like years ago but it also went by too fast because guess what?! I'll tell you the big news now I think rather than later... I'm getting transferred! Sister Spicer and I are being split up!! :'( But some good news is we had a bomb last week together! Saw so many miracles and had seriously so many moments where I just stopped and realized so HAPPY I am!

So first off, last Monday night was our last time with Alyona! :( She left for Russia Wednesday but luckily we took a lot of prime pictures together that night and we gave her info to the elders there so hopefully everything will be well with her and she'll be able to be baptized when she comes back! Alyona is seriously amazing I love her so much and she's so funny,already miss her! She's seriously just a prime human being.

We had Zone conference again this week and it was great like always! Sis Spicer and I were in charge of getting all the food and drinks for it so that was a little stressful but everything worked out perfectly and everyone loved it so that was good! I learned a lot and so many elders are leaving this week it's crazy. It was really sad but touching to hear the final testimonies of some elders I've served quite a while with. Definitely cried quite a bit.. :/ So powerful to hear their strong testimonies after serving the Lord for two years and hear how much the mission has changed them for the better. I'll miss them! And man, we're going to have so few missionaries here for a bit it's crazy.

We had some really awesome lessons with our investigators this week.We had a lesson about almost everything with Emmanuel but actually was really good and asked him if he wanted to set a goal date of being baptized and he said he would pray about the date and to know if everything we've taught is true because he said " I'm not going to do anything without praying about it first" YES Emmanuel knows how to do it guys haha, I was so happy I was like yes that is awesome, pray about it please, you'll get an answer!

Galina said that after our first lesson with her she said to God " if this is true, I'll get new contract at work" and sure enough the next day she got a new contract! And I asked her if she thinks that was her answer and she said yes! So awesome. Reminded me of Tony's story so I'm so excited for her.

When we were English contacting Saturday I asked this girl if she knows English and she said yes and she had a really good accent. I told her about our practice and she asked if we were from a church or something and she said that she had recently started reading the bible and she was so happy to have met me. She also said I wish i would have met you earlier because a few months ago her and her fiance ( from the USA ) were looking for a christian church here with people who speak English before her fiance had to go back to the states but she's interested in meeting with us and talking about why we're here.

Funniest thing EVER that happened this week! We were at Yulia, our recent convert's house with her perfect little girl Vika and when Yulia went to get a snack we were talking with Vika about the melon party we had and Sister Spicer said that she ate so much honey dew ( Deenya ) that she couldn't feel her tongue! (true story haha) but Vika just stared at her so we thought maybe she didn't understand. But then like 10 minutes later we're eating and then Vika loudly whispers" Mom! I have a secret! " And Yulia says something like secrets aren't good, you can tell everyone. But Vika's like :"Please! " ( keep in mind this is all in Russian in the cutest little Vika's voice " So Yulia leans in and Vika loudly whispers slowly.. "Cectpa Spicer.. ate so much melon.. that she couldn't feel her tongue! " And we all DIED. I don't know if my writing did it justice at all, you had to be there of course but it probably was the best, funniest. moment of my life.

So Sis Spicer and I were actually expecting we would probably be split up but we thought we had at least one more week together, probably one of the worst parts also I want to see the progress of our friends but I trust she'll continue the work well and actually I won't be going very far at all! I'm going back to Left Bank! Serving with Sister Busath!  Y'all know more about that next week. I'm gonna miss my Spice :(  these two transfers have some of the very best ever ! but I'm excited for new and cool adventures:)


Cectpa Horne

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Making my way downtown

Man. This week just FLEW by! Seriously it's crazy. 
What happened...? Good question. Lots of good things! Met some cool people! 

We had a great lesson with our friend Galina. She asked great questions and she even basically asked if people could be baptized and join our church! Of course Galina XD 

We met with this cute babushka, she's a member but can't make it to church. She was so nice but it was so sad because she cried a little when we left:( broke my heart, but we told her not to worry; we'll definitely be back next week!

Oh ya and we might have been scammed by a gypsy! But it's all good, don't y'all worry! Live and learn;)

We had a melon party after church yesterday! Because we're in two branches sometimes we don't stay all three hours for our second branch but yesterday we did, we were there from 9 to 5 .. so we were kind of starving lol but it's ok because we filled ourselves so much melon after:))

So much love, 

Cectpa Horne


view from the mission office

Cectpa Lyubov (love )

"making my way down town" lol we've been singing that all week

first time at KFC in Ukraine!

Hello Fam,
Sorry if I'm boring this week, not much new to say.. it was a good week though!

Just super tiring and hard to work in this heat. Man. Like it just drains you, SO HOT. 

We did get a watermelon though! Probably the best one, I've ever had! And we got Sunflowers:) they're so pretty! 

We had a couple really good lessons though. One with Alyona and her Grandma. She left for youth conference in L'viv this week for all the youth in Ukraine, which will be aweosme I'm sure. Unfortuanately we found out that her dad won't let get baptized right now:( BUT she's going to still try to do all she can for the next couple of months ( read scriptures, pray etc, and then her dad might ) It made our hearts break when she said, that the fasting we did didn't work. We made sure she understood though, and I hope you all do too that it definitely did! Prayer and fasting are powerful and Heavenly Father ALWAYS hears them. He loves us and He will always answer our prayers but sometimes they're just not how or when we want, it's in His timing, and infinite wisdom. She's amazing and I think she understands now, and has so much faith, and still pressing forward.

While we were at her house I tried ostrich jerky! So that was cool. It's from Africa, where her aunt lives.

We also stayed with a couple of girls from a different town who came on their way to conference. And I drew the Plan of Salvation on the side walk:)

Lots of Love, 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Pictures from the week of Aug 14th

Again no letter except she was really excited for Alex and Emily's blessing of little Lily. We did get some pictures though and she also commented that she might be putting on a concert which would be very exciting for her.

Pictures from the week of Aug 7

We seem to be having problems with Celine's emails but her pictures are getting through. Here are some pictures from the week ending Aug 7th and maybe from before that.