Tuesday, 18 July 2017

More pictures from July 4th week

Enjoying the marshrootka drive;)

Happy 4th

Yummy red (blue) velvet cake the elders made 

We're rich! hahah jk that was for rent and I look way too happy in this pic XD

Our friend Anna

 Cmetana! (sour cream )

Monday, 17 July 2017

Auntie Sister Horne:)) + Zone conferencia

Hey Fam

So first off probably the highlight of my week was getting the news (Sis. Sullivan called me ) that my first baby niece was born!! AHH SO happy! I love being an aunt! :)))

Sad I won't be able to meet her until she's grown quite a bit.. but I'm so excited to meet her when I do! And the sacrifices we make to serve the Lord are always worth it.

We had zone conference this week! It was awesome as always! It was great to see everyone again and catch up ( like Sis. Savran- turns out we don't get to see each other as often as we  thought we would ) Learned a lot. A lot about how we should be more bold- this message that we have is the Greatest thing we could Ever give to people, we shouldn't be afraid to share, especially with our friends and those we love. It makes sense really; This gospel has brought so much joy and peace in my life, why wouldn't I want everyone else to have that too?! For some reason though it's going to still be something a little scary and we all just need to overcome that ( yes even missionaries struggle with fear of rejection ) but the joy that comes from seeing our friends receiving the same  joy we have is so awesome! We also talked about always having the Spirit with us. I sang a duet with elder Montgomery for a musical number in zone conference. Also a unique thing we did this time was Sister Sullivan had all of us do a high intensity work out afterwards! hahah it was super fun. Definitely never thought we would do that all together at a zone conference but hey we gotta stay healthy too;)

We painted a fence on Saturday! And one day we baked cookies and wanted to surprise the relief society president because she's been having a tough time lately and so we just tried to find her house based on what I know and the map and we took quite a few marshrootkas, tranvai's etc lol but we found it, then we found out she was still at work.. but then we got lost again but found her work the next day! What makes it all worth while was that she was very appreciative of them:)

Felt like everyone was so busy this week it was hard to meet with our investigators but it was still good and we pray Sister Spicer and I still have another transfer together! -transfer calls are this week- super weird. 

With love, 

Sister Horne​

Singing duet with Elder Montgomery

Zone conference

The cutest kitty I found outside, it was purring so much awwwee (I know I shouldn't hold strays but come onnn)

Monday, 10 July 2017

Happy 4th :) Let your light SHINE

Priviet!! ( Hi! ) 

So I had another sweet week here! Time is going by so fast though, I can't believe we're almost done this transfer... 

I hope y'all are having an awesome time eating poutine and rabbit pizza (nooo don't actually do it, not Benny!:0) at the good ol' Calgary Stampede!! This week we celebrated July 4th a little by wearing red white and blue and eating.. corn on the cob!! (YUM) - apparently Ukraine is the only European country that does that too! ( #blessed ) We also tried to make corn bread but it didn't turn out that good.. Thank goodness, it wasn't as hot this week!! It cooled down and is basically perfect now, rained a little - it's funny though cause Ukrainians seem to never be satisfied with the weather aha. And sometimes just a little rain keeps them from coming to church... but I still love it so much of course! It can be frustrating sometimes but it's also kinda funny.

Met some new friends this week. A girl from the English practice we subbed for who we've started teaching and also a girl we met on the street inviting to English class who's super nice. She came to our game night we have and after said to me " I just loved being here with all of you! I had such a good time" 

Also last night we made bubbles in the park again and I started talking with this older lady who was with a kid she nanny's for and she was super nice, we talked for a long time and she told Sister Spicer and I that when she saw us we had a light around us, that she didn't even need to talk to us to know that we were good people, she could just tell right away. And that it was so good to talk to us and that the elders were such wonderful boys too. She was just so amazed and happy to meet with us. So that was sweet! We're going to hopefully see her again this week, I want so bad to explain to her why we're so happy and that she can have that same light in her life, through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! Guys, people who are looking for light will notice the light of Christ within you when you are living your life striving to follow the teachings of Christ, so let your light shine! Matthew 5 :16

Heavenly Father is continuing to bless us here everyday because of our obedience and I'm so grateful! I'm also super thankful to be here among some of the coolest people I know, super blessed. 

Love you! Peace.

Cectpa Horne

 Remember that tree outside our window in the spring that was so pretty with flowers " Popcorn popping on the apricot tree" well now it has apricots! and we can just open the window and pick them whenever we want! It's amazing. I love Ukraine. there's fruit trees everywhere


                          Sunday dinner

Monday, 3 July 2017

I'm melting on Canada day in Ukraine!!

Hello, Hello!! ( What Sis. Spicer always says:))

Another great week here in the core of the earth... hahaha jk but seriously it has been a fun but really hot week. Man! you do not want to be in a marshrootka with no windows on a +40 C day though, we were literally dying. aha.
We did some service on Tuesday; we went to Sister Olga's house with some elders to help in  her garden. I watered the plants:) Also tried eating a walnut I found on the ground.. ( in it's shell of course) and almost threw up lol I guess it wasn't ready yet.... She had soo many different plants, flowers and fruit trees, so cool. All the babushki just sell their fruits and veggies on the side walks and some of them are actually soo good.
We also went to a orphanage for handicapped kids on Saturday with some ward members and talked with them, and gave them bracelets. It was really cool, they're amazing! it was pretty sad on one hand but because they were all just so sweet and happy it was really awesome to experience. Super amazing examples to me. Makes me so grateful for what I have. Working arms, legs and body. They still do so much even with their disabilities, some even knew English. 
Yulia ( Got baptized in April )  came too with her little Vika ( who can't walk)  and they are just so amazing too
So another awesome miracle story coming up... 
So flashback to about a month ago Sister Savran and I met this guy in Left bank. We were actually just waiting in the park at the apartment of one of our investigators waiting for her and he came up to us and said he'd want to meet with us cause he had a lot of questions about what we believe etc.. His name is Emmanuel. He's from London, has been studying here for seven years or so. And so then we couldn't get a hold of him until recently and we finally got to meet up with him and we were just walking in a park just getting to know him better when this member from our branch named Pasha who just got back from his mission like a year ago, comes up behind him  is like hey! Emmanuel!  it's been so long!  And I was like what?? How do you guys know each other..?Apparently Pasha taught him his first transfer and he was even going to be baptized then he just fell off the face of the planet, this was the first time he saw him in 3 years! So crazy how that worked out, Emmanuel was like.. did you set this up or something?? I was like hey I had no idea. Anyway so we talked with Emmanuel some more and he said he's at a point where he really just wants to change his life, and be better and know God. He said so many things and asked so many questions where we were just like, yes the gospel can help you with that, we can help you find the truth and purpose you're looking for. Super cool. Also Heavenly Father has blessed us and has continued to bless us with new people to teach the gospel to every week and we are SO grateful, it's so amazing.
Ksenya who runs "the mommy and me English" class ( that's what we call it :)) left on vacation for a month but before she left we gave her a going away gift with a Book of Mormon so hopefully she'll read it.:) She is freaking so nice, she even bought us a couple of books to help us learn Russian, we really wanted to give her the best gift we could :) 

We got hotchi pori ( a super delicious georgian food) 

Also we went to Melrose last p-day and I got the 'bekon burger' lol

As a district we started a Family night in the park where we do giant bubbles and chalk and the kids LOVE the bubbles. We then get to talk with their parents about how much we value families in the church and it went pretty well. 

Happy Canada Day! On my Canada day spent in Ukraine I wore red and white and we also made POUTINE! woo hoo! I felt like I had to, it was an experiment of me making gravy but it worked out! Ukraine style haha. Also we went English contacting on a bridge and I wished everyone a happy Canada day! lol

Anyway.. hope y'all are doing well, 
Cectpa Horne

Pics from a couple weeks ago I forgot to send: